The new innovation for the gastronomy:

The Vertical-Chickengrill

Vertikal-Hähnchengrill - Die Innovation für die Gastronomie.

Ideal for Chickens, Ducks, Pork Knuckles and Fish

Vertical Grill – The right turn!

The ricipe op success for the EKU-Vertical Grill is due to its especially clean grilling with crispy results!


Advantages for the Gastronomy:

  • Above all, this new innovation product has many plus points that, in the long run, will pay off for you and your customers.
  • After a short time of using the Vertical Grill, it proves itself easy to operate, is practical, convenient, fast, clean and save.
  • It automatically greates fat free, healthy lean and crisp results through the free standing grilling foods being placed on individual drip pans.
  • The juices and fat are collected under each grill item saving the lower foods from being coated with excess or even row juices from the above items.
  • The rotating stands are equipped with a slip system which means they will stop turning with the slightest pressure, ensuring that hands and arms will be not be caught or couse injury.
  • The grill ist absolutely hygienic and presents appetizing, delicious and perfectly evenly grilled food visible at first sight.

High efficiency throuth quick re-stocking!

Der Vertikalgrill besitzt eine hohe Energieeffizienz.

Grillen wie die Profis mit dem Vertikal-Hähnchengrill von Lange.




Der Grill bleibt sauber und die Hähnchen werden besonders knusprig.

This is professional grilling

  • Grilled items separately placed on individual trays
  • No difficult hot and heavy grill rods with spiky clasps
  • Chicken stands "beer-can" style without trussings
  • Quick replacement of grill items to ensure rapid turnover
  • Save and ease to operate
  • Absolute hygenic
  • Exceptionally clean
  • Appetizing presentation for "Show Cooking"

Questions? Please contact us!

Extensive Accessories

Zubehör für den Hähnchengrill


Wie have thought about everything!



Extras for you in the best qualitiy:

  • Chicken roasting pan/rack
  • Pan pliers
  • Free choise of coloured plates:
    Silver, Blue, Yellow und Red
  • Glass Doors